Man High On Drugs Strips Naked, Jumps In Holy Water During Mass

Catholic Church baptismal font

Worshipers at the Spirit of Life Catholic Church in Mandan, North Dakota were shocked when a 21-year-old man stripped off his clothes and jumped into the Holy Water fountain during mass on Tuesday (10/9) morning. 

Members of the church had asked Zachary Burdick to leave earlier in the morning after he tried to bless people while holding the Book of Mormon. Burdick left the church but returned once the mass had begun. He proceeded to remove all of his clothing and jump into the baptismal font before running down the aisle of the church while touching himself. 

Burdick was arrested for ingestion of methamphetamine, criminal mischief, and indecent exposure. He could face more charges because there were children attending the Tuesday morning mass. 

The church said that it will have to drain the Holy Water from the baptismal font, sterilize the fountain, and re-bless the Holy Water. 

Photo: Getty Images


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