Gabrielle Union Discusses Pain And Trauma D. Wade’s 'Break Baby' Caused Her

While Gabrielle Union is currently madly in love and at peace with husband Dwyane Wade she says it’s still not worth the pain and trauma she experienced when he had a child outside of their relation. The actress seemingly discussed the sensitive chapter of her relationship with Angie Martinez after releasing her new book "You Got Anything Stronger?"


"I stuck in there and where we are today, I will never say it's worth it 'cause that would be a lie…worth the pain? Nobody needs to be anybody's trauma mule to be worthy of love and respect and peace…I'm just so madly in love and at peace, and our family is complete and whole and healthy and we have survived and now we're in a place of thriving because of consistency and therapy."

While opening up more than she ever has in the past with her new Book, Gabby explained to Angie that the reason behind creating the book came during the pandemic. While everyone was inside and sitting with themselves and many were suffering, while we all have our own ways of dealing with and coping, she wanted to bridge the gap for her readers in the book.

"We all been suffering during the pandemic and we been suffering alone and all our usual ways of dealing coping in a healthy way have gone out the window, in this book I wanted to bridge the gap"

The actress also opened up about her friendship with the late Michael K. Williams after sharing a lengthy Instagram after he tragically passed away earlier this month. Explaining to Angie how she felt that the late actor just saw people differently

Check out the full Interview above, or hit the 8:00 mark to hear Gabby speak on how her relationship not only survived but is thriving ❤️

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