These Are Minnesota's Best Sunflower Fields

Sunset Flowers

Photo: Getty Images

It's that time of the year again —And no, we're not talking about back-to-school season. We're talking about sunflower season. The flower is beginning to turn the state yellow as its beautiful blooms stretch toward the sky.

Sunflowers are known for their large blooms that turn to face the sun throughout the day. Due to the fact sunflowers are faithfully dedicated to the sun, various faiths have adopted sunflowers to express a symbol of worship or faithfulness.They also come in many different colors and patters. While some sunflowers put all their energy into producing one tall stalk with a single beautiful bloom on top, others spread out with multiple branches.

Despite their variety, many sunflowers bloom during the summer months and into a portion of the fall, with the middle of the summer being their peak season. That's why we believe it's time for everyone to soak up some sunflowers before they're gone for the season.

MplsStPaul Magazine graciously named eight of the best sunflower fields in Minnesota. Whether you decide to pick just one to visit or to take a roadtrip to all eight, you're bound to have a beautiful afternoon at these sunflower fields below:

  • Fish Sunflowers
  • Fresh Acres
  • Waldoch Farm Garden Center
  • Green Barn Garden Center
  • Treasured Haven Farm
  • Berry & Bloom Farm
  • Afton Apple Orchard
  • White Pine Berry Farm

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