This Is The Most Popular Genre Of Music In Minnesota

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There are so many different ways to classify music by genre. With everything from pop, rock and hip hop to more niche genres like hyperpop, math rock and trap metal, there is sure to be a genre that fits everyone's taste in music. But have you ever wondered what the most popular genre of music is in your state? If you have, Wide Open Country discovered an infographic, shared on Engineer Boards by user Chattaneer PE, that shows which music genre reigns supreme by state.

So, what's Minnesota's favorite genre of music? Indie. Here's what Wide Open Country had to say about the genre:

Indie acts dominate in college rock hotbed North Carolina and, more surprisingly, Tennessee (keep in mind that these results don't consider walk-in traffic at Nashville's honky tonks and non-ticketed events).

According to Music Industry How-To:

"The most obvious interpretation of the word indie is music made by independent artists, without the support of a record label. Indie music is often characterized as having less of an eye towards commercial success."

Curious to see what the rest of the country likes listening to? Check out Wide Open Country's full map that shows the most popular music genres by state.

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