WATCH: Minnesota Butcher Shop Forced To Close Following Deer 'Ordeal'

Rudy the Reindeer

Photo: Getty Images

The owner of a Minnesota butcher shop was forced to close down Saturday (January 7) following a wild (so to speak) encounter with a deer.

The doe sailed through the front door of She Said Butcher Shop in Moorhead, sending pieces of shattered glass through the air like hail. Obviously terrified, the deer scrambled around the shop, kicking a hole in the wall and knocking over some potted plants as she slid across the cement floor like she was walking across was a frozen pond. The doe eventually found her way back through the gaping hole she had previously made in the door and left the premises.

She Said Butcher Shop owner Melissa Evans told KVLY she was working in the backroom when the deer broke in. "When I came around the corner the deer was the last thing I would have imagined it was chaos to say the least," she said. Just complete pandemonium. My kid was screaming why is there a deer in here, why is there a deer in here."

"This was truly an ordeal and I am really not sure who was more scared at the time me or the deer, but it was a pretty terrifying experience overall," Evans shared added in a Facebook post. "Other than a smashed door, a hole in the wall and a few broken plants, everything else came out unscathed and I am thankful, because it could have been so much worse, not only with damages, but potentially could have seriously hurt someone."

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