Only 20 People Call This Minnesota Town Home

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Some people love the hustle and bustle of major American cities like Minneapolis and Saint Paul, while others want to get as far away from the chaos as possible. If your feelings align more with the latter, you might consider moving to the tiniest town in Minnesota.

The honor of being Minnesota's smallest city once again goes to Funkley. The 2020 U.S. Census recorded the town's population at 43 individuals—which was actually the highest it had been for quite a while. However, an estimated 21 people currently live in Funkley, which means the population has shrunk by 51.16 percent in the last few years, according to estimates projected from that Census count. All in all, Funkley is the 894th largest city in Minnesota and the 28,744th largest city in the United States.

The census also found that there are about 18 households in Funkley, with only one of them being a married household. In addition, the median age in Funkley is 56.9 and the town is composed of 100% white people who only speak English.

Funkley is located northwest of Duluth along US Highway-71 in Beltrami County between the Red Lake and Leech Lake Reservations. It's about 5-and-a-half hours away from Rochester.

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