This Restaurant Serves The Best Crepes In Minneapolis

Chocolate Crepe

Photo: Getty Images

I like to think crepes are the everman's pancake, as they are usually presented in one of two varieties: sweet or savory. They are often served with a wide variety of fillings such as cheese, fruit, vegetables, meats, and a variety of spreads. Thus, there is always something for everyone's taste preference.

According to Yelp, Ichigo Tokyo Crepes is the best place serving crepes in Minneapolis. The restaurant, which was established in 2018, is located at 5 West 34th Street. Here's what else the business had to say for themselves:

"Our owner, Mia, grew up in Tokyo, and took the Japanese fusion of crepes and street foods as a matter of course. She was shocked when this food which is so commonplace in Japan was not available in the Twin Cities!...We are the first to serve Tokyo style crepes in Minnesota. Tokyo Style Crepes are handheld Japanese artisan crepes, and we serve a variety of both the sweet and savory ones. Savory crepes are suitable for a snack or meal. Sweet crepes are delicious treats that you can enjoy anytime, from breakfast to evening. "Ichigo" means strawberry in Japanese! It is written as in the kanji alphabet. One of our signature sweet crepes is the "Strawberry Custard" crepe, featuring fresh strawberries, custard cream, cornflakes, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and Pocky."

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