Doja Cat Leaves Pop Behind On Her New Single 'Balut'

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Doja Cat is back with a new single from her forthcoming album Scarlet. On the new track "Balut," which dropped on Friday, September 15th, the hitmaker ditched a catchy pop chorus for a straight rap song. The song starts and ends with a sample from professional wrestler Ric Flair saying, "Remember this, girls/ None of you can be first, but all of you can be next."

Aside from the repeated line, "It's like takin' candy from baby," during the chorus, Doja delivers two long verses that allude to her success in the music industry. She also references her own pop-rap hits saying in the second verse: "So easy, so cheesy, so fresh/ So queasy, so nauseous, so sick (Blegh)/ Is it coke? Is it crack? Is it meth? (Is it?)/ What the f—k do she put in them hits?"

Doja Cat is gearing up to release her highly-anticipated new album Scarlet later this month. So far, she's shared three singles with the most recent being "Demons." The track dropped last Friday (September 1st) and featured a terrifying music video starring actress Christina Ricci. In addition to "Demons," Doja has shared two other singles from the project: "Attention" and "Paint The Town Red." Earlier this week, she performed all three singles at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

In a recent interview, Doja informed fans that the second half of Scarlet will sound "very different" in comparison to the three singles she's released to promote the project. "These were the first three songs I made during the period that I was making music. Then there's a second half where I went to Malibu and I made all this music in 10 days. That half is very different from the first half," she explained.

Scarlet drops on September 22nd!

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