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Aida Rodriguez & Ian Lara Talk "Romantic Comedy" Special On HBOMAX + More

Friends to the show Aida Rodriguez and Ian Lara was in the building discussing their new special “Romantic Comedy” directed by Aida! First thing first, Dj Envy came out the gate rolling his “R’s” that confused us all! After we bypass Dominican Envy, we dove into the Ian’s new special that airs today on HBO MAX. Ian introduces us to how he meets Aida and event how he started in the world of comedy.  

Fun Fact: before Ian grew to these amazing heights, he worked at a baggage claim in New York and at various point gave Charlamagne, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy’s their bags.  Today, he’s on the show promoting his own comedy special! We learn a lot of what it took for Aida to build the special to not on be amazing but how can it represent for the Dominicans. Ian addresses that even though he is a Latino man, he is a “Black Man” no question.  In his special he will address many points in his live from his vantage point, and he made it clear… No one is off limits!

Check out “Romantic Comedy” out today and their full interview above!

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