Woman Announces that She Will Combine Her Wedding with Her Aunt's Funeral!

A California woman is making headlines for her wedding decision. Her wedding date was drawing closer when sadly, she learned of her aunt's passing. As you may know, wedding are very expensive, and so are funerals. Taking that into account, this woman decided to combine the two. She made the announcement, and of course, people thought she was crazy because...well...the idea is crazy! Regardless of how expensive the two are, they are two things that should NEVER EVER be put together. They should ALWAYS remain separate. Unfortunately for her, she made it into the notorious Facebook group "That's It...I'm Wedding Shaming" and the response, as you can guess, weren't the nicest.

Check them out below. And be honest! Would you ever consider doing this? Or at the very least, would you attend a wedding that doubled as a funeral?

Many in the discussion group found it rather strange, with one writing: 'What is is going on here', while another said: 'That's a wedding I don't want to go to'

'Good god I'm kinda horrified (sic)', one admitted, while one agreed, writing: 'So creepy!'.+3

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