TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • The movie was filmed over the summer at Arizona’s Roden Crater installation.
  • The one-week only event runs from October 24th through the 30th.
  • IMAX? Kanye is doing things on a whole new level. 
  • The movie was directed byNick Knight
  • We still don’t knowwhatthe movie will really be. But it seems like a combination of studio footage andSunday Serviceperformances, possibly with some interviews mixed in.
  • Maybe we can expect the new album to drop at the same time as the movie? 
  • Honestly, Kanye himself probably doesn't even know when the album is dropping at this point. 

Tickets are now on sale for Jesus Is King.

Starting today, moviegoers can buy tickets to see Kanye’s new documentary film -- in IMAX. The special attraction comes to theaters on October 25th for a limited time only. 

Select theaters across the U.S. will apparently get the movie one night early. (Hypebeast)

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