Weird News

People Struggle to Disconnect While On Vacation New Study Reveals
Texas Woman Accused Of Biting Off Woman's Nose, Swallowing it
Researchers Say Trillions Of Diamonds Buried In Earth
Real-Life Robo-Cop Patrols San Francisco Gas Station
Twelve New Moons Discovered Orbiting Jupiter
California Woman Chases Down And Stabs Man Who Flashed Her In Park
Mother Has Warning After Daughter Steps On Dangerous Hidden Beach Fire
Woman Impaled By Umbrella On New Jersey Beach
Perseid Meteor Shower Season Begins
Report: Some Ingredients In Dog Food Lead To Canine Heart Condition
Accidental 9-1-1 Call in Palmdale, California Ends in Adorable...
Man Pretending To Be Cop Pulls Over Two Police Officers


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