WATCH: Man Finds 'Scary' Attic Hidden Behind His Apartment's Pantry Wall

Photo: Getty Images

Well, this is eerie.

Even though the Halloween season is behind us, a spooky video is going viral on TikTok. In the creep-inducing video, TikTok user @loganhunter_p uncovers a mysterious staircase hidden behind his pantry wall.

The video shows @loganhunter_p realizing a wall panel in his pantry was pretty wobbly. When he knocked on it, it becomes clear that there was some empty space behind the panel. He then decided to remove the wobbly wall to see what was hidden behind it.

As if from a horror movie, he uncovered a "scary" and "haunted" looking staircase. The TikToker left viewers on a cliffhanger as he didn't have time to explore the secret attic at the time he shared the video.

After returning from work, he was finally able to explore and give his eager followers an update. It turns out, the spooky room is an unfinished attic space. “Why would they even have this closed off?” he quizzes, showing that the attic even has windows. “This is such a cute room.”

This TikTok user is not the first person to find a mysterious secret room hidden behind something in their apartment buildings. One woman, living in New York City, discovered an entire, abandoned apartment right behind her bathroom mirror earlier this year. It seems like you can never really know what's hiding beneath your walls—unless you're brave enough to look.

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